Celebrating  3 Consecutive years
​AMHA European Regional Championship Show 2017, 2018, 2019

Training & Show Production

Your horse will be given individual care and attention and will follow a varied routine to avoid becoming bored. Daily turn out and down time for the horses keeps them stimulated and happy, so its not all about work!

We also carefully select which shows to attend in order to keep your horse fresh and avoid over showing. Our main focus is the AMHA European Championships. The highlight of the European show calander. 

Please contact us for our fees and further information and if you want something different to what we offer just ask we may be able to do it!

Horses are transported to shows in a new Cheval Optimax trailer. This very well designed box has plenty of windows all round to allow good ventilation and keep them cool whilst on the ferry or standing in car parks. The Pullman Suspension is designed to cushion the bumps on the road, so your horse  will have a really comfortable journey and arrive at the show as fresh as he departed. Inside, the extra wide trailer allows access and comfort whilst travelling, being light, bright and airey.

Livery Rates

Board Out Rates - 2017/18

Show Horse Down Time 
Horses can board out after the show season has ended in secure, well kept fields. They will be stabled at night and turned out during the day. Feed and light exercise to keep them in semi show condition is included. A watchful eye will be kept on their condition so they can spring back quickly once the shows start up again. This is perfect for horses who are showing with us the following year.
£250  Per month

Grass Livery
This includes hay as required and field shelter (sping, summer & autumn only, as all of our animals come in at night during harsher weather).
£25 per week

Holiday livery
If you have that terrible dilemma where you have a holiday booked but need to keep your horse in shape ready for a big show when you get back don't worry! We can provide a livery service to keep your horse fit whilst you are away and if you need it, we can even clip and show prep them so you don't have to do a thing other than collect them on your return.
Prices are £100 per week, holiday show livery
£50 per week holiday livery with no extras (stable and turn out only)
£130 Show Prep. Bathed, clipped, facial, coat conditioners.  

One of the fields were horses can unwind and relax with plenty of natural shelter.
Hay is made from our own fields where no chemicals or sprays have been used.