Celebrating  3 Consecutive years
​AMHA European Regional Championship Show 2017, 2018, 2019
With over 40 years experience with horses, you can be assured that when you send your horse to AJ Training, each horse will be individually cared for personally by myself. 

I like to be involved with every aspect of your horse's  daily routine. That way I get to know each animal, their character and can closely monitor their progress and any changes that may occur. For me,  that includes mucking out the stalls, feeding, exercising , grooming and training. I build a bond with each horse and I am around them all day to give them the variety in their routine which prevents them becoming stale and bored. It is important to keep horses happy and stimulated.

We have had some amazing results over the years and have been priviliged to present some beautiful horses that represent the very finest examples of their breed. See our show results and news pages to keep informed of what is happening at AJ Training.

Let us make your horse a champion!

Alison Johnston

Alliance Boleros Kayla
 AMHA Supreme - British Open AMHA Show
Owned by Hilary Kirk